Let's make stuff

Let’s make stuff

We’re delighted to announce a new programme of seasonal and sustainable workshops for children and for adults, to give people the chance to get in touch with nature, recycle old furniture and decorate their homes.  Take a look at our events page to see what’s on offer, and get in touch if you are a course provider looking for an inspiring eco venue to host your courses.

26 October       Magic up your own broom!

23 November   Kids’ Christmas crafts

8  December    Weave a willow wreath

13 December   Luxury wreath workshop


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HHP opened the doors of its new ‘Sustainable Resource Centre’ (SRC) for visitors at the beginning of 2005, after 18 months of construction and kitting out. The building was designed, work supervised and most of the labour contributed by project members themselves. The new building is in stark contrast to the infamous ‘shed’ used for visitors over the last 7 years for slide presentations, offering comparatively luxurious facilities including a dedicated audio-visual room, seminar facilities and permanent exhibitions.

The new facilities will allow HHP to demonstrate more effectively the key sustainability principles of the project. The ‘eco-community building’ is low profile situated near and complimenting the houses, including an earth covered roof. This building has been designed to meet the same high standards as the homes, ‘Zero CO2’, ‘Zero heated’, and ‘Autonomous’ standards’.

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HHP receives 1000 visitors a year, however, the numbers of visitors has been restricted due to lack of suitable facilities. Thus, HHP members have had a long ambition to provide better facilities to demonstrate its sustainable achievements. As the interest has grown in HHP (it is anticipated that HHP will double or treble visitors in the next few years), the need for a dedicated Sustainable Resource Centre on site seems ever more apparent. Construction plans for the building are beginning.

The SRC will be an inspirational centre and act as regional catalyst for sustainable action, offering improved facilities, including a dedicated audio-visual room and permanent exhibitions, and more extensive activities for a wide range of interest groups, particularly local schools.

HHP has received a significant boost to its plans to develop the Sustainable Resource Centre (SRC) through a National Lottery grant of £49,619 from the New Opportunities Fund, awarded by the Social, Economic and Environmental Development (SEED) Programme.

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