Health and well-being

What is well-being?

Well-being is the physical and mental health that comes from high levels of positive interaction between the individual, their ‘mental capital’ and their circumstances.

WE have a health and well being course running regularly on a Friday, free to attend. All welcome.

According to nef, ‘high levels of well-being mean that we are more able to respond to difficult circumstances, to innovate and constructively engage with other people and the world around us’.

How can co-housing enable well-being?

A design to promote well-being builds in opportunities for social interaction (and privacy when needed!) and physical activities.  

At Hockerton Housing Project the combination of the private homes, shared land and co-operative business promote:

  • Responsibility: each adult has responsibility to support shared elements of the project, giving them a strong sense of self within the community
  • Community: alongside that sense of self there is also a strong sense of support
  • Physical exercise: every family helps grow food and maintain the land
  • Mental stimulation: residents take responsibility for actions
  • Fulfilment: new skills and friendships develop as a result

How we can help

Our 3 hour sustainable living tour introduces visitors to how such a lifestyle can improve mental and physical health.

Our Nurtured by Nature course explores and supports well-being through practical learning about sustainability.

A weekly Tai Ji class mixes health and relaxation

We run specific training for health professionals wanting to understand how complementary therapies could help their patients

What is social sustainability?

Social sustainability in a nutshell is quality of life. It is vital to sustainable development as it meets the needs that economic and environmental sustainability alone cannot, such as mental and physical health, encouraging community, and fairness.

What others say

“Visited Hockerton eco housing project. Hugely relieved to find they are ordinary people with jobs, cars, dogs, tellys etc. No hint of political axe-grinding or religion, just practical solutions and very nice houses.” via Twitter