Home Energy Survey 

Home Energy Survey

What we offer:

Advice on how to reduce your household energy use, carbon impact and energy costs during a whole house assessment. In addition, we can use a thermal imaging camera to identify where your home is losing heat and advise on the most appropriate way to retrofit the house with energy saving measures. Subsequently, an audio record will be supplied or an optional comprehensive written report.


We can perform surveys by mutual arrangement at any time of year. For the heat camera there needs to be an adequate difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the house – the likely optimum time starts in autumn and continues through to spring.

The Process:

Book a survey with one of our experienced surveyors. They will come at the prearranged time. As the householder, you are involved directly with the survey by accompanying the surveyor around your house. If a heat camera is used, you will see instantly how heat moves around your home and where it is lost. Using our “MyFlir” CAT imaging camera we work from the outside and then through each room of the house looking for cold spots which point to thermal faults in the fabric of the building.  At the time we will suggest cost effective solutions and remedies. Prices start from £160 + travel 

In addition we can advise you on energy production, water collection and direct you towards other sources of information.

Visit us to find out more, or contact us to find out how we can help.

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    How Did You Hear About Us?

    Our skills and Expertise

    We have been helping people reduce their energy bills and carbon impact of their houses for many years. We have had experience of ultra low energy houses with autonomous services since 1996 which gives us very good practical experience. We understand which measures that actually work and some that don’t based on our observations and measurements.  Many years of monitoring different aspects of housing performance and guided our design and advice services. We have also used a heat camera many times to assess building performance and we find this is incredibly useful for residents when they can actually clearly see the heat escaping from their house. This is highly motivational for improving the performance.

    What others say

    Thank you very much for a really useful day. We have already had lots of theoretical information and advice as we seek to progress our project but at Hockerton we got exactly what we wanted – warts and all from somebody who has actually done it.