What news?

What news?

New high thermal mass houseA new sustainable home built with high thermal mass and incorporating passive solar gain to negate the need for any heating in a very similar way to the original Hockerton HP build is progressing.  The roof is now on and the wet plastering is nearly finished.  Follow us as it happens by visiting us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @HockertonHP>

LIVE TOURS in the Covid era

University group/ class group/community group/if you would like your own live zoom tour please email the office at contact@hockertonhousingproject.org.uk.

Up and coming events

Up and coming events

Webinars– Are you interested in what sustainability looks like living day to day and how to improve your own carbon footprint?  Are you a house builder who is looking to build more sustainable homes?  Are you a council who has to meet the government targets for building more sustainable homes?  We can help.

Tai chiA weekly Tai chi/Qi Gong class led by Louise Lipman. This is now running outside, socially distanced.

Peg and Loom workshop make a wonderful wool rug using fleece from our flock- next workshop will be delayed due to Covid 19.

Women’s meditation circle  – meet, move, meditate, celebrated each Equinox/Solstice.  At the present time this is being run through a Zoom link.

Flower workshops seasonal workshops are available throughout the year.

To express and interest in any of the above please email contact@hockertonhousingproject.org.uk



Hockerton Housing Project offers a wide range of advisory, project management and support services to individuals, communities, businesses and academia. Can we help you with your green energy or building project? We specialise in autonomous and zero carbon homes, and self-sufficiency in energy and water.  We now have the capacity through our heat camera to advise on where your money and time need to be spent on making your home more energy efficient and are taking bookings for this from October onwards.

Design your own tour in real life or via a live link

Design your own tour in real life or via a live link

We offer a fantastic place to extend your knowledge and understanding of sustainability, low energy house design and eco-living. Its an ideal case study for university students, school children and can be used by professionals to develop your ideas, products and in-house resilience. By the end of a visit to our site we are confident that your learning objectives will have been met and that you will leave with a future-thinking sustainable mindset. Find out more here.

Latest Blog: You might like to consider a letter to your MP like this one:

Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Dear Robert Jenrick I did not imagine I would be writing to you about a small piece of irreplaceable Fenland habitat near York and the threat from property developers to destroy it.  Understanding the value of our natural environment is key to a sustainable […]

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Next Saturday tour – March 13th 2021!

Our October tour was limited to 5, socially distanced of course.  It was a beautiful day and lovely to spend time with like minded people.   Our tours are now on hold on site until the new year we will be running some live zoom tours over the coming months.

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Live Zoom Events – Universities, Schools, Community Groups

We have been engaging with universities and schools in a number of live zoom tours.  This was the feedback from one of the Universities who had a specialized tour in energy and water management:

“It went really smoothly from our end. It worked having the person in the ‘studio’ and the roaming reporter, with the interviews of chickens and children adding a personal touch.

The only thing that would make it better would be if we could have been there in person .”  Tom Rogers Coventry University.


Book Sale

All our informative and highly detailed book chapters are on sale for a limited time. Don’t miss out click here to view the offer.

Talk about the climate emergency?

Helena takes the opportunity to talk about the climate emergency on a train to Birmingham. There is a pressing need to discuss how we tackle the climate crisis at an individual, organisational and political level. Can you chip in and speak about it too?

Woodland Trust

Please support the Woodland Trust in ‘The Big Climate Fightback’ campaign.  Follow the link to find out more and get involved.  https://woodlandtrust.org.uk/protectingtrees-and-woods/campaign-with-us/big-climate-fightback/big-climate-fightback-film/

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