The challenge for self-builders or any new-build is keeping costs of the build under control, but don’t let short-term costs deter you from making long-term savings from lower energy and water costs.

This short Open University film from the 1990s shows how the principles of high thermal mass and passive solar gain work in HHP homes to eliminate the need for artificial heating.  It also underlines the priority we give to helping people who are looking at their own new build to develop and deliver low budget, low tech and buildable designs.

We can help you apply those principles to your project – whether it’s a new-build or renovation of an existing home.

How we can help

Negotiating new-build? Ready to retrofit? Find out how we can help you.


Hockerton Housing Project – case study (2003 edition, 967 kB)

An independent guide from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Hockerton Housing Project response to EST New Practice Profile

HHP responds to issues raised by the EST.

HHP Retrofit for the Future case study

HHP applies its approach to existing homes.

What others say

An innovative and cost-effective example of ultra-low-energy housing with no need for space heating and uses only 25% of the energy of a conventional house – EST

‘A maintenance manager’s dream is to have a housing stock with no heating system’
David Pickles, former Chief Architect at Newark and Sherwood District Council