Advice on Ecohome Design and Development

Do you want advice on how to build your own eco house or office? Or want to make your current property more self-sufficient in energy use? Does autonomous housing interests you?

Our advisory services give you access both to our technical expertise and our real-life experience of designing, building and living in eco homes, as set out in our:

New build Design and Performance Portfolio.

Barn Conversion Case Study  and Video (Sorry about the ad)

We can help you if you want to…

  • build your own autonomous / eco home or commercial building
  • improve the energy efficiency of an existing building
  • monitor the energy use by one or more homes
  • install self-sufficient, or autonomous, systems for energy for small and medium scale developments
  • use graphic design services to support the development of sustainable buildings or illustrate publications relating to sustainable development.

Visit us to find out more, or contact us to find out how we can help.

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    Our skills and expertise

    Low carbon building design including zero heating and autonomous houses. Sustainable water systems from rainwater harvesting to reedbed sewage treatment. Monitoring and assessment including detailed energy analysis of domestic dwellings. Community Renewable Energy Project management including community engagement facilitation, presentations to planning committees, and appropriate equipment specification through to management of community funds. Wind and solar farm management for landowners, including monitoring, reporting outputs,  managing feed-in tariff payments and service and repair contracts. Independent technical advice on the building envelope covering material choice, insulation, glazing and ventilation. Analysis of heat gains/losses, heat input requirements and thermal capacities of buildings. Landscape management to provide a degree of self-sufficiency & enhance biodiversity. Eco-refurbishment and retrofit energy efficiency.

    What others say

    Thank you very much for a really useful day. We have already had lots of theoretical information and advice as we seek to progress our project but at Hockerton we got exactly what we wanted – warts and all from somebody who has actually done it.