Wind turbines

Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) was the site of the first wind turbine in Nottinghamshire.  Wind was our preferred choice as the most cost-effective way to produce renewable energy on our site, at half the price/kWh compared to solar PV.  The economics have changed with the introduction of feed-in tariffs, but only in terms of income.  We still recommend people choose the technologies with the lowest upfront cost per kWh.

HHP erected a 5kW Proven wind turbine in early 2002 and in early 2005 complimented this with the installation of a 5kW Iskra wind turbine.  Both turbines are situated in the same area of the site and are at the same height of 26m, and we publish data on their output.

Video on the HHP wind 5 and 6kW turbines here.

Video on larger Community wind turbine Vestas V29 here

The first wind turbine was subject to considerable local opposition, but 8 years later HHP, working on behalf of local group Sustainable Hockerton, project managed the installation of a second-hand 225kW Vestas V29 wind turbine.  Learn more about this process in our page on community energy and in the video above, which was produced as part of CSE’s PlanLoCaL project. Working in conjunction with Onyx the output of the turbine can be seen live  here.

This displays current power, rotation speed and wind speed at the hub height and the mean for the last 30 minuets.

And a live stream of the inside of the nacelle here.

The live stream shows a view looking out of the nacelle towards the blades. You can see the gear box and hear the machine turning. Please shut the browser window after use so we do not use lots of data up on the SIM – thank you.

Thanks to our partners at Onyx InSight for all there help with this.

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Data from HHP renewable energy systems

Data from our renewable systems in 2009/10 to introduce potential investors and students to variations in output.

SHOCK community-owned wind turbine – a short case study

The installation of Sustainable Hockerton’s community-owned wind turbine, project managed by Hockerton Housing Project.

What others say

The community wind turbine at Hockerton provides a handy route-map for other communities who are interested in renewable energy but are wondering how such schemes can be paid for – Nottingham ScienceCity Seeing the various technologies (that we’ve all been talking about for yonks!) actually functioning alongside each other, integrated into a real living community environment – you read about it, you hear about it but seeing it is altogether different. Terrific! – East Midlands Renewable Energies Group