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Hockerton Housing Project was a new-build project but its approach to energy efficiency can be applied to existing homes. In one retrofit of 1950s solid-walled social housing, we delivered an 83.5% reduction in energy use, by super-insulating existing single skin concrete walls.  Shares in the community-owned wind turbine in Hockerton provided a cost-effective way to offset carbon emissions we could not cut on-site.

We have been involved in a range of retrofit projects, including the Nottingham Eco Home, but it was the Technology Strategy Board’s Retrofit for the Future competition that allowed us to test those principles in full.  The blog below shows our journey from identifying the properties to monitoring energy performance of the retrofit.

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Hockerton Housing Project – case study (2003 edition, 967 kB)

An independent guide from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Hockerton Housing Project response to EST New Practice Profile

HHP responds to issues raised by the EST.

HHP Retrofit for the Future case study

HHP applies its approach to existing homes.

What others say

An innovative and cost-effective example of ultra-low-energy housing with no need for space heating and uses only 25% of the energy of a conventional house – EST

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