Ecohome design and development

Our advisory services help new-builds and refurbishments deliver low bills at an affordable price. They offer you access to our technical expertise and lessons learned from our real-life experience of designing, building and living in eco homes.

Renewables asset management

HHP’s asset management service manages solar and wind turbine systems for third parties, including farmers and businesses, in the East Midlands.

Water harvesting and treatment

Our advisory and project management services can help deliver water solutions at the domestic and commercial scale, whether you want to implement rainwater harvesting, reduce your energy use for water heating, or need a reedbed to handle sewage. Read about our experience with water systems at HHP and contact us to find out more.

Training Courses - Sustainable Design top line to gritty detail

Training courses are available on request on sustainable building design and construction, renewable energy systems for communities and households, autonomous water systems, organic food growing, permaculture design course (PDC), community finance and craft workshops. These can be suitable for Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours.


Whether you are looking for a keynote speech on ‘can-do’ environmentalism, a presentation at a university or community group, or an expert witness for a wind turbine planning application, we have the technical expertise and broad practical experience to inform and inspire.

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