Since completion in 1996, Hockerton Housing Project has become an established exemplar of sustainable development both locally and nationally, providing a unique ‘real-life’ experience of living sustainably. Learn from our experience! We have developed a range of services which are available to private groups and educational providers.

Hockerton Housing Project is a fantastic place to extend your knowledge and understanding of sustainability, low energy house design and eco living. Its an ideal case study for university students, school children and can be used by professionals to develop your ideas, products and in-house resilience. By the end of a visit to our site we are confident that your learning objectives will have been met and that you will leave with a future-thinking sustainable mindset. For people of all ages with enquiring minds and for the younger generation there are several strong links to the national curriculum and university course topics while professionals will have met their continued professional development (CPD) needs.

Design your own tour, What we offer:

Guided Tours –Book now by contacting us.

Tours are adaptable and can take between 2-4 hours depending on your preferences. Workshops and Master Classes often last 6 hours with lunch. A site-tour could include:

  • A tour of the project site highlighting renewable energy systems (wind & solar), autonomous water systems, and key elements of landscaping.
  • A tour of one of the project members’ homes highlighting key environmental features and ultra low energy building design.
  • An Audio-Visual presentation in our Visitor Centre, showing the history of the development and an explanation of how our homes work. And/or a classroom activity e.g. a debate or carbon footprint exercise.
  • Options for workshops, master classes and training.
  • Catering; full menu + light refreshments these are included as standard.
  • What people say: Read a review from Nick Wooley here.

Educational Tours for Schools –Book now by contacting us.

School visits to Hockerton Housing Project experience a unique case study in sustainable living. The 15 acre site is primarily a home to a small community of 5 private homes, but the residents also run a business that offers environmental education and advice services. Education / School visits environmental and energy education. Or call us to talk through your requirements. +44 (0)1636 816902

Remote Educational Package –Book now by contacting us.

For schools or universities unable to make a visit or travel to Hockerton Housing Project, we are now offering a new Remote Educational Package. This package includes:

  • A Skype tour with a HHP resident, covering areas within Wi-Fi range i.e. resident homes and solar panels.
  • A DVD or USB stick with video explanations covering of all of the site’s design features and footage from the BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ programme. Please see our example Wind Energy summary video below.
  • A package of infographics covering HHP’s design features and further processes.
  • Worksheets aimed at GCSE students to be completed whilst watching the explanation videos.
HHP Wind Energy Summary Video.

Supported Educational Activities and Lessons –Book now by contacting us.

We are able to use our visitor centre facility as a space for group activities following guided tours. Designed to support national curricula, we offer a range of educational activities that are deigned to be taught alongside teachers. These activities will consolidate the knowledge taught during a site-visit. Activities currently offered include:

  • Wind Turbine Design
  • Solar Cell Car Racing
  • 3-Dimensional Drawing
  • Energy Efficiency Calculations
  • Water Filtration
  • Climate Change Lessons

For more detailed information on our site and what we have to offer please see our Education Brochure.

We are always looking to improve our educational programme and welcome any feedback that you may have. Filling out and returning the feedback sheet below would be highly appreciated by all at HHP.

If you are interested in making a visit to Hockerton Housing Project or would like further information on what we can offer, please contact us.

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