Over the last few years the sight of buzzards around Hockerton has become increasingly common, mirroring their wider success across the UK.  We are also fortunate to have resident kestrels to keep in check the abundant vole population and occasionally a sparrowhawk races through the site.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been very pleased to also have regular sightings of a peregrine (and in one case a pair) dashing across the skies over Hockerton. 

The most exciting sighting at Hockerton was an osprey last weekend. It travelled from one of the far ponds near our wind turbines, flew over the lake in front of the houses at quite a low level and did a flypast for the group visiting that day! 

One of HHP’s objectives is to enhance wildlife by providing suitable habitats in association with our own human habitation. The siting of the osprey represents something very important about the Hockerton Housing Project…it’s biodiversity.

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This spring we had a follow up survey of the water vole population on the HHP site overseen by a member of Brackenhurst college (part of Nottingham Trent University). There appears to be a rapid rise in the population of water voles in the main site ponds, which supports the evidence that the habitat is very suitable, with plentiful forage and low predation. The water vole population of each pond is probably at, or near the maximum capacity that can be sustained. Further evidence to support population rise is the presence of burrows and food remains at two new ponds within the site. However there were some unusual population changes in some of the newer ponds which have resulted in plans for a more detailed study over two breeding seasons. Brackenhurst staff feel there is much merit in carrying out the work and may further the understanding of water vole ecology.

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