Water systems

Rainwater harvesting is just one part of an integrated system that minimises the costs of water treatment and use.  At Hockerton Housing Project:

  • Potable and non-potable water are captured and treated separately
  • No chemicals are added to the water
  • Water heating uses a third of the energy used by an average household
  • Residents use efficient appliances and behaviour to conserve water
  • A reedbed treats waste water
  • There is no wasteful treatment of water used on the vegetable garden
  • View how it all works in our video gallery.

HHP can help you to deliver water solutions at the domestic and commercial scale, whether you want to implement rainwater harvesting, reduce your energy use for water heating, or need a reedbed to handle sewage.  Explore our approach and examples of our work below.

How we can help

Want to improve the sustainability of your water systems? From rainwater harvesting to sewage treatment, find out how we can help you.


HHP – a case study in clean water

Results from the testing of water from HHP’s rainwater harvesting systems show that it is ‘cleaner’ than some bottled waters.

What others say

In brief your project at Hockerton is outstanding, the people amazing and the course was for me was thought provoking, eye opening and very inspirational. Architect, Brewster Bye Architects Ltd