The Daily Express has featured Hockerton Housing Project to illustrate the benefits of sustainable co-housing developments…

As my car bumps along the potholes of the dirt track, the setting that unfolds before me is idyllic. Sheep graze lazily in the field to my left and a dozen or so chickens cluck like gossiping washerwomen as two young children excitedly collect eggs from the henhouse.

In the distance there are beehives while ahead ducks glide effortlessly across the still surface of a lake as a heron swoops in. Nearby a couple of men wearing fleeces are engrossed in conversation.

Though you may imagine that I’ve arrived in a sleepy country park or farmyard this in fact is a snapshot of life at one of the many so-called co- housing projects that are springing up all over Britain…

It’s an unconventional way of life that certainly wouldn’t be right for everyone but it’s impossible not to admire what they stand for at HHP. I can’t deny that as I drive back up the dirt track and out into the rat race again, I can feel my own stress levels kick back in.

Read the full feature, including an interview with residents Bill and Lou, here.

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We were pleased to help and get involved with an Australian TV documentary team, who are researching the most successful eco-villages across Europe. We are one of 12 projects from across Europe that are being filmed for a documentary next year. Although we are the smallest of the projects looked at, being more of an eco-hamlet, they felt that HHP worked well in the context of eco-communities. Also with the group was an Australian town planner who was collecting evidence and ideas to use back in his district of Byron, where they are hoping to set up a number of varying sized eco-villages.

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