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Sustainable living tours

Intrigued by what an earth-sheltered home looks, or feels like, inside? Or wanting an overview of what it is to live sustainably? Join one of these tours, which are led by a resident of the project to give you a personal view on what it’s like to live in this sustainable co-housing project.  These tours take place six Saturdays a year and are open to individuals and small groups.

Bespoke tours and talks

We can tailor a tour or talk, or facilitate a workshop to meet your group’s needs, whether it’s for a school or university, business or a community group. Options include zero carbon homes, renewable energy, sustainable water systems, or an overview of sustainable living.

Ecoscope consultancy

Negotiating a new-build? Ready to retrofit? Considering community energy? We provide advice, design and performance monitoring services to help you deliver truly sustainable buildings, energy and water systems in domestic and commercial settings.

Eco venue hire

A zero carbon meeting place in the heart of England. Overlooking two lakes and our woodland, it offers inspiration alongside it’s eco-credentials. Presentation facilities are included, and catering and tours or talks are available to complement your day.

Information For Students and Researchers

Whether you are looking for a keynote speech on ‘can-do’ environmentalism, a presentation at a university or community group, or an expert witness for a wind turbine planning application, we have the technical expertise and broad practical experience to inform and inspire.