What did you feel went well/was useful/made you think? EVERYTHING from Hockerton!  Your whole run-down on its history, original techniques (and changes since due to research and new technology).  You gave excellent stats, as ever, but MORE than in the past, which were most interesting, especially full building costs of the two newer apartment blocks. I know that a number were almost incredulous at the figures which you gave.  Even more of this in detail might be worthwhile.  We need ever more HARD and provable facts.  It was great that you told us straight, that labouring and work input of yourself and the Hockerton team was input as part of the cost, at full external rates; that immediately put a stop to anyone thinking that all such costly work was excluded and so the £1,350 per sq m was a bit of a fudge!  That sort of thing, to my mind is vital, as there are all too many, who will love to find fault with your figures, which MUST be fully defendable!

What did not go so well or needed improving?  Due to inclement weather, we could not spend as much time out seeing services (in a bit more detail) as is usual.  This would add more than your albeit very charming friends from elsewhere.

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Another wonderful, stimulating Master Class at Hockerton! Simon, Nick and Deb, you put on an excellent day of top-line tutorial on cost-effective autonomous house design and construction, which, in its fundamental science can be applied to a whole range of house and building types.  You are aware that I was commissioned in 2008 to project manage a PPS7 type house (now a para 79 house, under the current NPPF).  I asked my commissioned architect to attend one of your then Master Classes with me; she applied the science of Hockerton to our project (a stunning stone-faced mansion of 17,000 sq feet), which was designed (and audited) to perform, together with all its services, to Hockerton standards.  As a result of this, our project application was passed by the Planning Committee 13 to 1 in favour and only the second such house in history to be passed without going to appeal.

Nick Woolley                                                 February 2020


Thanks for the great feedback Nick.

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