The Project was filmed and broadcast in the same week in March by BBC ‘Countryfile’. The programme covered the project set up and how the houses are designed to minimise energy use. However they also focused on two other aspects:

(1)   The design principles of the homes at Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) as a potential solution to building more homes to a higher energy efficiency standard. A link was made to a local speculative development, Millenium Green, that HHP helped inspire to integrate much higher levels of energy efficiency. A spokesman from the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme was also interviewed and invited to comment on the need for higher standards.

(HHP was monitored as part of the Governments’ Energy Efficient Best Practice Programme – A case study report was published last year)

(2)   Link to the Government announcement in same week to increased funding of £100m towards renewable energy.

The programme has produced one of the quickest and biggest responses that HHP has received after a media broadcast.

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