bceThe UK’s premier business environment awards, the BCE Awards, recently announced its 1999 results. Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd (the Business Company based at HHP) has gained a MAJOR COMMENDATION in recognition of exemplary achievement with its environmental activities. BCE awards have consistently recognised the variety of business commitment to the environment to be found throughout Britain, from small to large companies, in the private and public sector.

HHP has managed over 3,000 enquiries in the last few years, including professionals such as architects, students and university lecturers, over 200 media articles, local government officers, and members of general public. The project has run nearly 100 tours of the project, given over 25 talks to various interest groups, provided advice and consultancy on low-energy house design, providing publications about the project, and supplied a limited range of ‘green’ goods.

We are very pleased to have received this award, particularly since we have managed this with relatively small resources. Hopefully our activities will have a significant impact on the way others consider the environment.

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