• saving energy in the homeDo you want to cut your energy bills?
  • Would you like a more energy-efficient home?
  • How can your home achieve a better Environmental Performance Certificate?
  • Do you want a greener life at little extra cost of effort?

Saving energy in the home is a book written by Nick White in association with HHP. Nick has been a member of HHP since the start of the construction of the homes in 1996. He contributed to the self-build and has led the development and marketing of the Project’s on site ‘eco-business’ since 1998. Now with this book, Nick offers you straightforward and achievable strategies for reducing your energy bills and living a more environmentally aware life. With lots of useful tools to assess your energy and carbon use, Saving energy in the home gives practical advice on everything from heating homes to managing those teenage consumers.

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HHP Radio 4 budget coverageOn 21st March HHP provided the live location for Radio 4 programmes ‘You & Yours’ and ‘World at One’ as part of budget day.

Why? Well due to the  expectation that the budget would include a number of ‘green’ measures to combat climate change. HHP were part of a panel of people asked to comment on the budget and in particular on any announcements by the chancellor to promote reduction in carbon use (or indeed what he did not annouce!).


Simon Tilley representing HHP gave a lukewarm response, welcoming insulation grants for pensioners, zero stamp duty for zero carbon homes, and support for renewables – but unhappy that aviation was not adddressed and that gas-guzzlers got away with meagre increases in VED.

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HHP energy efficiency award

Hockerton Housing Project has scooped an award in the National Energy Efficiency Awards run by UK CEED in partnership with EDF Energy . The event was also sponsored by defra and The Independent .

Nick White & Trudi Macagnino on behalf of HHP collected the top prize in the residential construction and renovation category this week (6 December) at the Science Museum in London.

Judges commented: “This is a commendable project that demonstrates how community leadership can achieve inspiring living spaces in absolute harmony with their surroundings”

“Hockerton Housing Project is an eco-community which grows much of its own food, generates its own power and enjoys massive energy savings. Over the past few years, the project has helped to spread the word that sustainable living is within everyone’s reach. To date, more than 10,000 people have visited to see it for themselves. The families have their own water collecting system and environmentally friendly sewage system – and their lifestyle produces other eco-benefits, such as the reduction in waste from food packaging.”

There was a special supplement about the awards & winners in ‘The Independent’ on 11th Dec 2006.

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HHP has had a flurry of interest from various written and broadcast media over recent months including:

  • BBC One O’clock News & BBC News 24 (23rd June 2005) – Live broadcast linked to Governments launch of a consultation on micro-generation
  • Carlton TV (16th Feb 2005) used HHP as part of a news item to coincide with initiation of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Regeneration & Renewal magazine (27th May 2005) – “Innovations – A self-sufficient eco-housing scheme”
  • BBC2-‘No Waste Like Home’ (autumn 2005) – HHP was used as an example of good eco practice
  • Energy & Environment magazine (DEFRA) (July/August edition) – Article about HHP
  • Self Build & Design Magazine (Due out in next edition) – Article about HHP and new ‘Master Class’ events
  • Artist Blacksmith magazine – Article about HHP’s new recycled sculpture
  • The Independent (1st June 2005) – Diary Of An Eco-Builder – ‘If you and your mates want to build a fully fledged eco-idyll, this is the way to do it (Will Anderson). This article was written after Will visited HHP and another local eco-development. A short excerpt from the article: Hockerton is a contemporary autonomous community… It didn’t cost much to build and it’s clearly a delight to live there. If you and your mates want to build a fully-fledged rural eco-idyll, start here.”
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HHP has recently been the subject of a new Government publication (part of ‘Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme’): –

New Practice Profile (119) -The Hockerton Housing Project – design lessons for developers and clients

In our opinion this is a useful report. It covers project features & house construction, energy consumption, monitoring the internal environment, and design lessons.

It concludes – “The houses at Hockerton are a successful experiment in low-energy design. They are attractive and pleasant to live in, although some occupants had some complaints. The design of the site enables a sustainable lifestyle with self-sufficiency in water and food while also providing a high level of amenity for the occupants. The houses were built at a comparable cost to conventional housing, although the self-build element of the work distorts comparisons. Many of the elements of the housing could be replicated in more mainstream developments….”

The complaints referred to were minor and in the context of the whole project insignificant.

This report is now one of three publications on the project.

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