Hockerton's community-owned wind turbineThe media continue to follow the progress of our community-owned wind turbine with interest, and today BBC Nottingham provides an online update.

So far the turbine has generated over 240,000Kwh of electricity (latest figures from end of December 2010), the equivalent to saving the emission of 136 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The energy generated to date is worth approximately £54,000 and Sustainable Hockerton is hoping to pay investors a return of 5% for its first year of operation, with remaining monies funding sustainable projects in the village.

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village wind turbineHockerton’s electricity goes carbon neutral! By the end of November the community owned turbine had produced 221 220 kWh which roughly equals the electrical consumption of the village in a whole year. Looked at another way, Sustainable Hockerton Limited (SHL) have saved the emission of 125 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The impact is small on a national scale but massive on a local one! Congratulations to all concerned!

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Our partner Sustainable HOCKerton (SHOCK) has been busy progressing the installation of a community wind turbine in the village.

The turbine was delivered from INEOS to the site in Hockerton on 21st October. On the 28thOctober they installed the tower, nacelle and rota having had the grid and meters installed earlier that week. Simon Tilley from HHP was there in a supporting role as well as several volunteers from local investors. Now they are in the process of commissioning the machine which will be complete in 3 to 4 weeks.

The financing of the turbine is nearly complete. We have been delighted at the number of people wishing to support the project and have very nearly reached the provisional working target. 

Finally we wish SHL well in completing the commissioning in the next few weeks and starting production of large amounts of renewable energy!

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Sustainable Hockerton (SHOCK),  a group of residents from the village of Hockerton, are celebrating the planning approval for the installation of a 225kW wind turbine within parish. 

Background Information

Wind turbine

Since July 2006 residents of the parish of Hockerton have been meeting regularly to discuss becoming a zero carbon village.  

The key objective of SHOCK is to try to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide production. A key first step was to develop a proposal to erect a community owned wind turbine, to generate clean electricity and use any profits to promote other objectives.


Care was taken to ensure that any area being considered was at least 500m from any property (well in excess of Government guidelines). A site about 1km from the next nearest village and sympathetically sited away from the neighbouring parish boundary was agreed as the location for the wind turbine.

Local support  

A vote was conducted in February 2007 with about a quarter of the village residents responding of which 28 supported the idea and four were against. The majority of those in favour were also interested in financially investing in the wind turbine. It was therefore agreed to develop the proposal further towards a full planning application.

Power Generation 

The objective of the wind turbine is to generate the equivalent amount of clean electricity that the homes use in the Hockerton parish. 

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Iskra (a locally based manufacturer) has been very busy in Nottinghamshire this year installing their new wind turbine, including two in Rushcliffe Country Park and one at HHP. At HHP, the 26m tower was raised first, and the turbine was added a few weeks afterwards.

The HHP decided to install the wind turbine in order to meet the ‘Zero CO2’ requirements of the new community building and  planning permission was granted earlier this year for a 5kW rated turbine.

This December the 2nd wind turbine at HHP has begun generating green energy. It is estimated to produce 12,000kWhrs per annum.


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