Teach Yourself: Save Energy And Cut Your Bills

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A comprehensive guide by Hockerton Housing Project which shows how conserving energy in the home and elsewhere can reduce heating, energy and other lifestyle costs.


‘Crammed with information and advice,it will surely help to fill in the gaps for those of us not totally conversant with all the complexities of saving energy. This book deserves to be a bestseller!’

(- Self Build and Design 20080601)

This book is fantastic. It provides comprehensive and accessible information for anyone wanting to start looking at options for reducing their domestic carbon footprint. It picks apart the issues with unbiased clarity and gives clear and impartial steps that anyone can take, from little day-to-day ‘to dos’ to the life-changing leaps. Essential reading!

(- Josh Steiner, Action for Sustainable Living 20080501)

Nick White has produced the most comprehensive guide on energy use and savings that I have come across.  There are chapters on basic things like space heating, cooking and lighting, but more advanced aspects of the subject such as microgeneration and ground source heat pumps.  Each topic is subdivided into tasks that can be carried out easily and cheaply through to more complex and costly ideas. And there are clear guides to issues like payback times, planning requirements and grant systems. Overall this book is a truly valuable addition to the growing library of information on energy issues. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the subject.

(- Ethical Pulse 20080501)

About the Author

The Hockerton Housing Project was the UK’s first fully self-sufficient ecological housing development. Winners of the 2006 National Energy Efficiency award, they offer advice and support to families, schools and businesses on energy-friendly housing.


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