Monitoring energy generation

Hockerton Housing Project is committed to monitoring its approach to energy generation and conservation in order to prove its approach works.

By monitoring our energy generation it also helps us maintain  our systems as we can see when output dips – generally due to trees growing and interrupting wind flow or shading solar panels!

We publish some data free-of-charge to help you understand the potential output of systems, and prompt consideration of which system may work best on a single site.

If you are interested in more detailed data from our systems, need assistance monitoring energy generation and systems, or interpreting data, we can help.


How we can help

Wanting to generate energy from renewable sources? Find out how we can help you.


Data from HHP renewable energy systems

Data from our renewable systems in 2009/10 to introduce potential investors and students to variations in output.

SHOCK community-owned wind turbine – a short case study

The installation of Sustainable Hockerton’s community-owned wind turbine, project managed by Hockerton Housing Project.

What others say

The community wind turbine at Hockerton provides a handy route-map for other communities who are interested in renewable energy but are wondering how such schemes can be paid for – Nottingham ScienceCity

Seeing the various technologies (that we’ve all been talking about for yonks!) actually functioning alongside each other, integrated into a real living community environment – you read about it, you hear about it but seeing it is altogether different. Terrific! – East Midlands Renewable Energies Group