Tai Ji

Tai Ji Quan is an ancient Chinese art combining health and relaxation with self-defence. Students learn through regular practice to harmonise mind, body and spirit, to create flexibility and develop stillness and concentration.

Classes are held at our visitors centre on Tuesday evenings 8 – 9.30pm. Please contact us if you would like to join.

Each class lasts for 1½ hours and has three main sections:

  • preparatory exercises to help relax and loosen the limbs
  • a standing or sitting exercise to develop fitness, awareness and concentration (called “Qi Gong”)
  • learning the original Yang family long form, consisting of 108 flowing movements practised at a slow and relaxed pace.

While it takes many years to become skilled in the practice of Tai Ji Quan, benefits are often seen by students within weeks of starting. After two months (the minimum recommended time) and with a reasonable level of commitment, you will have learned the following:

An introduction to the class

  • eight preparatory exercises
  • two qi gong exercises
  • the dragon walk
  • the first eight moves of the form

A basic understanding of the benefits to be gained from the practice of Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong exercises

An appreciation of three important elements in the practice of Tai Ji Quan:

  • relaxation
  • awareness
  • concentration

An awareness of the movement of energy

An idea of how your health, fitness, suppleness and stamina might improve with further training

How much will the class cost?

£36 per month payable in advance at the start of each month. Although a monthly fee is preferred, it is also possible to pay £11 per week

Concessionary rates are available at £28 per month or £11 per week.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes are best.



Sustainability is about balance – balancing the earth resources so that there are enough for now and enough for later. The earth is an ecosystem and depends upon a balance being maintained.

There are analogies here with our own health – balancing our own resources so that we have enough energy and mental capacity for now and some for later.