Students visit case study in sustainable living 

School visits

School visits to Hockerton Housing Project experience a unique case study in sustainable living. The 15 acre site is primarily a home to a small community of 5 private homes, but the residents also run a business that offers environmental education and advice services.

Why visit Hockerton Housing Project?

Students on a visit to HockertonWe have 20 years experience of education in all aspects of sustainable living, covering environmental, economic and social aspects and their relationships. We welcome over 2000 people each year from universities, schools, businesses and the general public on tailored visits. Our guides are able to draw on their direct experience of building and/or living in one of the country’s original sustainable housing developments.

Visitors are taken on a tour of the site in small groups by a resident.  They learn how we grow a lot of our own food, manage the land organically, harvest all our own water from the rain, and treat waste water; and generate most of our own energy from renewable sources. The highlight of any visit is a tour of one of the ‘underground homes‘, which are designed to avoid the need for heating systems. To see it is to believe it!

Relevant to school curriculum

The visits are cross-curricular and we can tailor them to particular parts of your school’s curriculum. From mapping natural resources, and designing sustainable communities, to debating political issues, our tours can be adapted to suit any geographical, technical or sociological aspect of sustainability.

Topics for Key Stage 3 & 4 include:

  • Changing places: relationship between people and place
  • Place study
  • Population and the environment
  • Resource security
  • Renewable Energy and Water Treatment
  • Sustainability In Building Design
  • Food and Farming
  • Team Building
  • Field Studies- a community for comparison

What size group can attend?

We can cater for a maximum of 50 students in a half day, with the visits taking approximately 3 hours. Schools often mix a visit to us with a half-day to another venue in the area, or spread a Year’s visits over a week or two.

What facilities are available?

There is parking available for one coach, and parking for up to 10 cars but we can host more by arrangement.

There is no cafe or shop as this is primarily a residential development. We have some postcards and educational material for sale but focus more on making memories than selling souvenirs! Catering can be requested on booking.

Is the site accessible to people using wheelchairs and walking aids?

The site is a smallholding with rough ground, and private homes so please speak to us about individuals’ needs and we can advise on how a visit can meet them.



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    Many thanks for another superb visit. Students were genuinely interested and engaged. It gives the students a real insight into the options for more sustainable living and really gives them something to think about – Queen Elizabeth High School for Girls

    And students approve too:

    ‘The place is absolutely awesome, it is the future’.
    “I think the Project was a great way to show how people can still live ordinary lives within a community without spending too much money but still doing great things for the environment and building a better more promising future for our relatives to come”
    ‘I thought it was a very educational trip and that it is amazing what some people can do!’

    – Carlton-Le-Willows, Nottinghamshire

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