We’ve now removed the chimneys from both properties; there are two key reasons for this:

  1. They are no longer be required as the gas fires have been removed;
  2. They are a significant source of heat loss.

This also makes it easier to fully insulate the party wall between the properties; this has two benefits:

  1. It provides sound insulation between the properties;
  2. It prevents heat being lost from the properties by being transferred through the wall up into the loft space.

It is often wrongly assumed that you don’t need to worry about insulating party walls, since assuming your next door neighbour is heating their house, then there will be no heat loss.  However, research has shown that heat will be transferred via the party wall up into the loft space and to the outside.  Insulating the party wall on both sides will prevent this from happening.

So that just leaves the question how will santa gain access on Christmas Eve?  Well, we’re guessing he’ll use the roof lights in the newly added sun space; its flat roof will be easier for him to park his sleigh on too …


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