Electric CarToday we took delivery of an electric version of a Peugeot 106 car as part of Nottinghamshire’s Millennium Electric Vehicles Project. Nottinghamshire County Council in partnership with PowerGen, the Energy Saving Trust’s (EST) PowerShift Programme and Nottingham City Council have secured funding of £300,000 to purchase electric vehicles and promote green transport. HHP has received a significant grant towards the costs of this vehicle. We would like to acknowledge the support and commitment for this scheme by all partners involved, in particular PowerGen and Peugeot.

One of the key aspects of the Hockerton Housing Project is sustainable transport. We have always aimed to reduce our use of fossil-fuels, for instance it was written into our leases that each household was only allowed to have one fossil-fuelled vehicle. We have also adopted car-sharing schemes, walking where possible and using bikes. However, one of our long-term aims has always been to make use of electric vehicles. Because we will have our own on site supply of renewable energy, via a wind turbine (later this year), we will be able to charge up the car with clean CO2 –free energy.

“A key aim of the scheme is to actively encourage those in receipt of a grant to charge the vehicles from a renewable … If charged in such a way the vehicles will become net zero emissions, thus not only removing pollution from the point of use but, removing it all together.” Quote from Article for Public Service Review – DETR Journal (draft copy).

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View across lake

The successful completion of the houses is a result of five years planning, building and development. The launch day was an opportunity to celebrate our achievement and say thank you to all those who have been involved in the project.

It also marks the move towards the next phase of the project, the demonstration of sustainable living in practice. The focus for the project will now be to develop the trading company (HHP Trading Ltd), thereby providing an income for company members which is based on sustainability.

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Nick Raynsford launches HHPOn October 27th 1998 Nick Raynsford MP, Construction Minister (pictured), formally opened the project. Over 100 guests joined us on our launch day, including individuals who had supported and helped the project, suppliers and media. Visitors were given house tours, bike taxi rides, an opportunity to look at our new exhibition and videos, and provided with refreshments.

The launch received extensive coverage, featuring on BBC 6 o’clock News, Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme, Sky News, Central News, and in the Daily Telegraph. Live links were also set up for ministerial interviews with Sky and Central.

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