Master Class : The practicalities of
delivering zero carbon homes

Our Master Class is a one day fully catered training day to really help you get into the nitty gritty of how to build our type of houses. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Who should attend

This event will be of particular interest to developers, self-builders, landowners, planners, architects, buildings services engineers, and other building professionals.

Why you should attend

Delegates will gain:

  • An overview of government targets for zero carbon homes and standards to meet.
  • An understanding of the impact of these targets for future development and what are the key principals for delivery of zero carbon homes.
  • Understanding of how to build the Hockerton House
  • Insight of the practicalities of achieving zero carbon housing.
  • An understanding of strategies and technologies that can be deployed.
  • Knowledge of diverse solutions for delivering a zero carbon or autonomous development including renewable energy technologies, and water systems (collection and waste), and how they can be incorporated into buildings.
  • An insight into what it is really like to live in zero carbon homes and to live sustainably.

If you are considering booking for multiple people Contact us to book.

More information and timetable.


What people say:

Another wonderful, stimulating Master Class at Hockerton! Simon, Nick and
Deb, you put on an excellent day of top-line tutorial on cost-effective
autonomous house design and construction, which, in its fundamental
science can be applied to a whole range of house and building types. You
are aware that I was commissioned in 2008 to project manage a PPS7 type
house (now a para 79 house, under the current NPPF). I asked my
commissioned architect to attend one of your then Master Classes with me;
she applied the science of Hockerton to our project (a stunning stone-faced
mansion of 17,000 sq feet), which was designed (and audited) to perform,
together with all its services, to Hockerton standards. As a result of this, our
project application was passed by the Planning Committee 13 to 1 in favour
and only the second such house in history to be passed without going to
Nick Woolley February 2020

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