Green PeterThe Hockerton Housing Project recently collaborated with the BBC Programme Blue Peter, for a special edition, ‘Green Peter’ .

On Tuesday 29th May , Blue Peter became Green Peter to look at the changes that are happening to the planet and the ways the Green Peter audience can help limit the effects of climate change.

“Green Peter won’t be a list of scare stories, the purpose will be to focus on what is being done, what can be done, what needs to be done to protect the world the Blue Peter audience will inherit.” (Richard Mason, Blue Peter Editor).

….This is where the Hockerton Housing Project comes in, as explained by Tim Fransham (Programme Director)….”Hockerton will play a pivotal role in the programme, showing our viewers a different way of living, through younger residents living in a carbon neutral environment. This will involve taking our presenter around their home and the hockerton site, giving us the low down on living in an different kind of home. Our hope is that the programme will inspire our viewers to take action against environmentally damaging activities and become more green”.

Francesca & Naomi (young residents of HHP) act as project guides showing Blue Peter presenter, Gethin Jones, many different aspects of Hockerton Housing Project; how they reduce their environmental impact, as well as how much fun it is to live here.

The programme is part animation, part archive, part child-led films, set in the year 3007 from a space ship overlooking earth.

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