HHP has had a flurry of interest from various written and broadcast media over recent months including:

  • BBC One O’clock News & BBC News 24 (23rd June 2005) – Live broadcast linked to Governments launch of a consultation on micro-generation
  • Carlton TV (16th Feb 2005) used HHP as part of a news item to coincide with initiation of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Regeneration & Renewal magazine (27th May 2005) – “Innovations – A self-sufficient eco-housing scheme”
  • BBC2-‘No Waste Like Home’ (autumn 2005) – HHP was used as an example of good eco practice
  • Energy & Environment magazine (DEFRA) (July/August edition) – Article about HHP
  • Self Build & Design Magazine (Due out in next edition) – Article about HHP and new ‘Master Class’ events
  • Artist Blacksmith magazine – Article about HHP’s new recycled sculpture
  • The Independent (1st June 2005) – Diary Of An Eco-Builder – ‘If you and your mates want to build a fully fledged eco-idyll, this is the way to do it (Will Anderson). This article was written after Will visited HHP and another local eco-development. A short excerpt from the article: Hockerton is a contemporary autonomous community… It didn’t cost much to build and it’s clearly a delight to live there. If you and your mates want to build a fully-fledged rural eco-idyll, start here.”
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