Hockerton Housing Project launched their new renewable energy systems by holding an event on Saturday 14th September with over 50 guests including locals, promoters and installers of renewable energy systems.

Professor Peter Smith (Sheffield Hallam University), who is Vice President for Sustainable Development(RIBA), was guest speaker at the event. Here is an extract from his speech.

…As I see it, Hockerton symbolizes the ultimate sustainable net zero energy solution in a rural setting…These are the cutting edge and prototypes for the future.

At present housing alone accounts for around 28% of all CO2 emissions in England and Wales. You [at HHP] have demonstrated that housing, far from being part of the problem, can be part of the solution. 

In 2002 HHP erected a 5kW wind turbine and installed a 7.65kW array of photovoltaics. The HHP wind turbine is one of very few examples in the UK of a community owned wind turbine, supplying owners directly with ‘clean’ renewable energy.

The HHP development meets a number of the highest environmental housing standards in the UK, namely, Zero CO2 and Autonomous.

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