HHP has recently been the subject of a new Government publication (part of ‘Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme’): –

New Practice Profile (119) -The Hockerton Housing Project – design lessons for developers and clients

In our opinion this is a useful report. It covers project features & house construction, energy consumption, monitoring the internal environment, and design lessons.

It concludes – “The houses at Hockerton are a successful experiment in low-energy design. They are attractive and pleasant to live in, although some occupants had some complaints. The design of the site enables a sustainable lifestyle with self-sufficiency in water and food while also providing a high level of amenity for the occupants. The houses were built at a comparable cost to conventional housing, although the self-build element of the work distorts comparisons. Many of the elements of the housing could be replicated in more mainstream developments….”

The complaints referred to were minor and in the context of the whole project insignificant.

This report is now one of three publications on the project.

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