BBC Jam is an educational tool for schools. Under a Design & Technology section for 11-14 year olds. It uses the Hockerton Housing Project as one of the main case studies to illustrate aspects of sustainability. It includes some fantastic graphics (not unlike SIMMS) of HHP and short videos with HHP members showing lots of different aspects of the Project, including;

  • a tour of the home,
  • food & animals,
  • meet the family (the Whites),
  • location,
  • image gallery.
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On Tuesday 16th May, Francesca (age 11 and resident of HHP) appeared on BBC2’s new early morning children’s programme, Level Up, explaining how the homes at HHP collect, use and treat water. This was compared with two other children and how they collect and use water, particularly in relation to toilets.

On Thursday 18th May, one of the other Project children, Naomi Tilley (age 10) will appear on the same programme with her Dad, using a tandem to get to school.


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HHP has had a flurry of interest from various written and broadcast media over recent months including:

  • BBC One O’clock News & BBC News 24 (23rd June 2005) – Live broadcast linked to Governments launch of a consultation on micro-generation
  • Carlton TV (16th Feb 2005) used HHP as part of a news item to coincide with initiation of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Regeneration & Renewal magazine (27th May 2005) – “Innovations – A self-sufficient eco-housing scheme”
  • BBC2-‘No Waste Like Home’ (autumn 2005) – HHP was used as an example of good eco practice
  • Energy & Environment magazine (DEFRA) (July/August edition) – Article about HHP
  • Self Build & Design Magazine (Due out in next edition) – Article about HHP and new ‘Master Class’ events
  • Artist Blacksmith magazine – Article about HHP’s new recycled sculpture
  • The Independent (1st June 2005) – Diary Of An Eco-Builder – ‘If you and your mates want to build a fully fledged eco-idyll, this is the way to do it (Will Anderson). This article was written after Will visited HHP and another local eco-development. A short excerpt from the article: Hockerton is a contemporary autonomous community… It didn’t cost much to build and it’s clearly a delight to live there. If you and your mates want to build a fully-fledged rural eco-idyll, start here.”
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The Project was filmed and broadcast in the same week in March by BBC ‘Countryfile’. The programme covered the project set up and how the houses are designed to minimise energy use. However they also focused on two other aspects:

(1)   The design principles of the homes at Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) as a potential solution to building more homes to a higher energy efficiency standard. A link was made to a local speculative development, Millenium Green, that HHP helped inspire to integrate much higher levels of energy efficiency. A spokesman from the Government’s Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme was also interviewed and invited to comment on the need for higher standards.

(HHP was monitored as part of the Governments’ Energy Efficient Best Practice Programme – A case study report was published last year)

(2)   Link to the Government announcement in same week to increased funding of £100m towards renewable energy.

The programme has produced one of the quickest and biggest responses that HHP has received after a media broadcast.

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Newsround logoBBC Newsround, the children’s news programme, recently filmed the project for a special ‘Newsround Extra’ on climate change & global warming. They spent the day filming the project on an extremely cold day with the lake frozen and ice on the trees. This contrasted well with the warm homes, (despite no dedicated heating system, but still at 18 degrees!!). Some of the children from the project (Luke, Rebecca, Jenny & Ricky) were interviewed about what the project meant to them in relation to environmental issues. The article for the programme is only a short piece of about 2 minutes, but hopefully will convey the essence of the project and help children relate to the big issue of climate change.

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