Nurtured by Nature

This course explores our well-being through practical learning about sustainability.

We will learn about sustainability in the widest sense; looking at easy and achievable ways we can sustain our environment, our relationships and of course ourselves.

Our facilitators from Indigo Brave will introduce learners to permaculture-based forms of agriculture and horticulture; including growing our own food and looking after chickens, pigs, sheep, geese and bees.

You will work mainly outdoors, learning new skills and develop team working and communication skills. You will also be able to learn about sustaining yourself as we learn about healthy diet and lifestyles and developing your own emotional and social intelligence.

If you want to know more for yourself, or others, please get in touch using the form below.

 TUESDAY 11:30 – 2:30 has an emphasis on all things WOOD (level 2), including tree pruning, woodland management, simple joinery, construction and sustainable building. 

weekly to 28th June *places still available*

 WEDNESDAY 10:30 – 2:30 has an emphasis on all things FOOD, including growing our own salad and herbs at home, polytunnels, crop rotation, composting and caring for animals. 

weekly to 28th June *places still available*

 THURSDAY 11:30 – 2:30 has an emphasis on all things WOOD (level 1), including understanding wood, woodland management, learning tree species and uses, and green woodworking.  

weekly to 28th June *places still available*

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Indigo Brave is a social enterprise with 20 years experience of helping vulnerable people maximise their potential.




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TUESDAY and THURSDAY courses: £84

WEDNESDAY courses: £112

FREE for learners in receipt of means-tested benefits.


Cheers on behalf of myself and all at Space for the great sessions we’ve been attending up on the farm. It’s been really enjoyable, fun and most importantly, really beneficial for the service users.

I’ve never seen [attendee] open up and engage in group conversation as much as he has on your course. Also, learning new physical work skills and improving on the skills he already has been very beneficial.

In all honesty, in over 2 years of working with and knowing [attendee], I’ve never seen him open up, or converse so much. It was really great to see how he took to the group share sessions and got involved, and was willing/happy to get involved. I feel this is a great credit to the environment you have created.